New Patients

Trillium Functional Medicine strives to give you the best possible personalized care, and a key part of this is our very thorough intake process. We have extensive intake forms for you to complete prior to your first appointment. There are three forms we’d like you to complete and submit prior to your appointment. These consist of an intake form, a medical symptoms questionnaire and a diet diary.

During your first appointment,  we go over your entire medical history with you.  At your second visit we perform a complete Functional Medicine physical exam to help us understand root causes of your symptoms. Each of these appointments are roughly 60-90 minutes.

The initial visit is primarily meant for information gathering. We might offer some simple recommendations during intake, but most advice will be deferred until after lab and physical exam results are in. We devote substantial time after the visits reviewing your history, labs and physical, and working up a plan specifically for you.

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