1:1 or Small Group Retreats

Hosted in Nosara, Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the jungle with extensive healing, classes and trainings.  Tapping into ancient wisdom, my prayer is that each person is renewed and transformed through the ceremonial work we do throughout the week.

Each retreat can be tailored to your specific desires for health optimization.  Thorough intake and testing may be done before arrival to navigate our time together.  During this time, we might dream and begin our time together with purification.  Throughout the week, healthy meals are provided, tailored specifically for you, as well as daily movement practices.  We will use various types of bodywork, shamanic work, homeopathic work, energy work and more.  High quality practitioners are invited from the community to participate as it serves each particular participant.  

At the end of the retreat, each participant will be sent home with a tailor made regimen of diet, herbs and medications (as needed) and a movement plan that supports the ongoing integration of all they learned/transformed during their retreat. 


Thriving Mind Retreats

Preventing and Reversing Dementia, Optimizing Brain Health

Vermont, August 2019

Southern California, November 2019

Nosara, Costa Rica, February 2020

Immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle while learning how to reverse subjective cognitive decline, mild cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Extensive teaching over one week will review current research on reversing Alzheimer’s, a dive into the different types of Alzheimer’s disease and then specific techniques and tools that can be used at home.

Tailored towards those who are trying to prevent dementia or those who are having symptoms of SCI, MCI or Alzheimer’s. Each attendee will have a phone consultation prior to the retreat, necessary lab testing ordered ahead of time with a certified Functional Medicine and Bredesen Protocol™ trained practitioners during the retreat. An individualized action plan will be developed to take home.

I have partnered with 2 other skilled functional medicine practitioners to bring a well rounded retreat to you, Dianne Villani, APRN and Jessica Morrison, APRN who both work at Trillium Integrative Medicine in Vermont.

We can work with your current medical providers whether they be conventional medicine, complementary medicine or functional medicine providers for follow up after the retreat and we are available by telemedicine to continue care.

Blue Spirit Retreat Center – February 2020

Located in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica where you can walk the beach every day, practice yoga or movement classes daily, see monkeys, wildlife and enjoy a diverse jungle atmosphere.

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