Why Trillium Functional Medicine?

The Trillium plant is native to the Pacific Northwest forests. It is an indicator species in our local forests. If Trillium are present in the forest, then the local environment is likely very healthy, one that supports the ecosystem.

Like the trillium in the forest, human health and vitality can only be achieved in conjunction with a healthy environment. Whether it be chronic stress, poor nutrition, lack of movement, toxins, chemical exposures, or genetic predisposition or a combination of some or all of the above, an individual’s health becomes compromised.

At Trillium Functional Medicine, we strive to examine all the factors which might impact health. We work together with you to create healthy internal and external environments which, like the Trillium plant, enable the health and vitality of an individual.

Professional Bio

Leslie Conner is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and certified Functional Medicine provider currently practicing in Everett, WA. She has over 8 years working in a primary care setting with mostly geriatric and complex patients. She has over 15 years as an integrative medicine provider. She specializes in root cause analysis: finding the root causes of dysfunction rather than focusing on symptoms or diagnoses. As a functional medicine provider, she has been able to tailor treatment programs that improve the outcomes of complex chronic diseases. Becoming a certified Bredesen Practitioner has enabled her to focus more specifically on dementia prevention and treatment.

She has always believed that movement is an essential part of health and vitality. Movement is inclusive of high intensity activities such as hiking, skiing, or interval training or low intensity activities such as yoga, walking or swimming. She incorporates movement into her teachings and is both a yoga and somatics teacher. She also has experience in homeopathy, neuromuscular and cranialsacral therapy and utilizes these when useful to achieve patient goals.

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